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Based on a combined analytical and numerical modelling, a high-quality probe-forming system is proposed and developed. The Matrizant method is applied to minimize the beam spot size for a fixed beam current. For quadrupoles consisting of four metallic rods, the electric field inside of the quadruplet is computed using an accurate version of the boundary(More)
For the solar system exploration and the distant universe study, the in-situ particle energy measurement and/or the electron/ion event detection are needed. For our on-board satellite application, the particle sensor that is used to convert particle momentum into measurable electrical charges is a Microchannel plate (MCP). The performances of such a sensor(More)
Muon spin rotation ( &mgr;SR) measurements of the temperature dependence of the &mgr;(+) Knight shift in single crystals of U0. 965Th0.035Be13 have been used to study the static spin susceptibility chi(s) below the transition temperatures T(c1) and T(c2). While an abrupt reduction of chi(s) with decreasing temperature is observed below T(c1), chi(s) does(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the influence of genetic markers on the seropositivity of offspring of HTLV-I positive mothers in Tumaco, Colombia, an endemic area for HTLV-I infection and a site where there exists a racially mixed population of Black and Caucasian ancestors. 33 HTLV-I seropositive women with at least one offspring were studied. A total(More)
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