Bernady O. Apduhan

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This system focuses on a location-aware computing application and environment which provide preemptive information on dangerous locations in the kid's surroundings; i.e., the system alerts a kid on the move of the possible dangers whenever he/she is near accident prone areas. Using satellite-based GPS position sensing, this system can gradually learn and(More)
The routing algorithms for multimedia communication should use for routing more than one QoS parameter. This is because new services such as video on demand and remote meeting systems require better QoS. However, the problem of QoS routing is difficult and to find a feasible route with two independent path constraints is NP-complete. Also, QoS routing(More)
— A cyber world (CW) is a digitized world created on cyberspaces inside computers interconnected by networks including the Internet. a smart world (SW) created on both cyberspaces and real spaces. It is mainly characterized by ubiquitous intelligence or computational intelligence pervasion in the physical world filled with smart things. In recent years,(More)
This paper explores a distributed ontology framework for tailoring ontologies in the semantic grid environment. The framework is divided into five main categories: ontology processing, ontology location, ontology connection, users' connection and algorithm location. A number of possible scenarios are discussed following two case studies that indicate how(More)
In the ubicomp/percomp era, more ubiquitous computation/information/service would be the main driving force, and the corresponding essential element would be the various smart/intelligent ubiquitous things or u-things with attached/embedded/blended computers. Based on the soon available ubiquitous networking infrastructures and services, such ordinary(More)
Lifelog is a data set composed of one or more media forms that record the same individualpsilas daily activities. One of the main challenging issues is how to extract meaningful information from the huge and complex lifelog data which is continuously captured and accumulated from multiple sensors. This study is focused on the activity models and analysis(More)
This paper presents a service oriented architecture (SOA) approach to a distributed framework for reusing, extracting and extending (tailoring) large domain ontologies in the semantic grid environment. The conceptual level of the framework describes how sub-ontologies are tailored while the architectural level of the framework describes the components of(More)