Bernadette McGowan

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The elderly population represent the fastest growing age-group and the incidence of osteoporotic related fractures is likely to increase with continued ageing of the population. This study determined the prescribing patterns on the Health Services Executive's (HSE) Primary Care Reimbursement Services Scheme (HSE-PCRS) of medicines dispensed for the(More)
PURPOSE To determine the association, if any, between the prescribing of proton pump inhibitors and drugs for the management of osteoporosis. METHODS The study employed a retrospective cohort design using the Irish Health Services Executive (HSE) Primary Care Reimbursement Services (PCRS) pharmacy database, which contains prescription information for 1.2(More)
INTRODUCTION Poor adherence reduces the potential benefits of osteoporosis therapy, lowering gains in bone mineral density resulting in increased risk of fractures. AIM To compare prescribing and adherence patterns of anti-osteoporotic medications in patients admitted to an urban teaching hospital in Ireland with a fragility type fracture to patients(More)
Heparinized blood and serum samples were obtained from 1,295 ruminants in herds or flocks with bluetongue virus (BTV) infection in 4 western states. Submissions were from herds or flocks with clinical bluetongue (BT), as well as from animals on premises with no history of BT disease. Insects, including Culicoides variipennis, were collected in areas(More)
SUMMARY The Irish Fracture Risk Assessment (FRAX) tool is the first fracture prediction model that has been calibrated using national hip fracture incidence data and Irish mortality rates. The Irish FRAX tool can be used to identify intervention thresholds for Ireland based on the fracture probability equivalent to that of a woman with a prior fracture. (More)
Total expenditure under the Community Drugs Schemes in Ireland on the proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) used for the management of patients with dyspepsia was approximately 64 million Euro in 2002, an 8-fold increase since 1995. As PPI maintenance therapy accounts for the majority of this expenditure we determined potential cost savings to the GMS scheme(More)
BACKGROUND Glaucoma affects approximately 2% of the population in developed countries and is estimated to affect 67 million people worldwide. The authors investigated the effect of the introduction of new medications on the volume and cost of drugs for glaucoma in two countries, Northern Ireland (NI, population approximately 1.7 million) and the Republic of(More)