Bernadette M. Pauly

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Moral distress in health care has been identified as a growing concern and a focus of research in nursing and health care for almost three decades. Researchers and theorists have argued that moral distress has both short and long-term consequences. Moral distress has implications for satisfaction, recruitment and retention of health care providers and(More)
INTRODUCTION Promoting health equity is a key goal of many public health systems. However, little is known about how equity is conceptualized in such systems, particularly as standards of public health practice are established. As part of a larger study examining the renewal of public health in two Canadian provinces, Ontario and British Columbia (BC), we(More)
Tables 3.1 Sample characteristics / 80 3.2 Multi-level logistic models predicting fair/poor health in Toronto (2003) / 83 3.3 Multi-level logistic models predicting fair/poor health in New York City (2004) / 84 3.4 Statistically significant interactions between axes of inequality / 86 9.1 Sample characteristics by age and gender / 186 9.2 Odds ratios for(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2008, one of the oldest fixed site needle exchanges in a large urban city in Canada was closed due to community pressure. This service had been in existence for over 20 years. CASE DESCRIPTION This case study focuses on the consequences of the switch to mobile needle exchange services immediately after the closure and examines the impact(More)
BACKGROUND There is a growing emphasis in public health on the importance of evidence-based interventions to improve population health and reduce health inequities. Equally important is the need for knowledge about how to implement these interventions successfully. Yet, a gap remains between the development of evidence-based public health interventions and(More)
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