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Using data from the first community-based, epidemiological survey of Puerto Rico, this paper examines the current prevalence of use of spiritist healers by Puerto Ricans, the role of spiritism in the provision of mental health services, and the association between spiritism and psychiatric disorders and symptoms. Those who visit spiritists were found to be(More)
We evaluated the effects of decreasing spatial density and changing substrate availability on activity, social spacing, and substrate use in a well-established, social group of 12 squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus sciureus). Using instantaneous scan samples, we recorded the specific activity, distance to nearest neighbor, and substrate type for each animal(More)
Appendix A). In late November 1995 the ODS began to function as a small unit within the Office of the Director, NIH to address a list of items that were part of the DSHEA legislation. While the tasks specified for the new office by DSHEA were numerous, the interpretation of how these tasks were to be accomplished was left to the ODS. As first director of(More)
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