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Earth is no stranger to volcanism. Since proto-Earth and crustal formation, volcanoes have provided pathways for degassing and cooling of our planet's interior. Volcanism played an important role in the formation of the early atmosphere , oceans and continents, and was likely a necessary component for the development of life. Throughout our species brief(More)
At the turn of the 20th century, technical writers in the United States were mostly engineers who both developed technology and wrote about it. During World War II, however, some engineers seeking to increase the efficiency of technology development separated their engineering from their communication tasks. This trend opened up a new occupation for(More)
Edmund Berkeley established himself as an influential force in the early development of computer science. The article examines Berkeley's work with symbolic logic and explores how this knowledge shaped his ideas about early electronic computers. It further explores how Berkeley applied symbolic logic and human reasoning to the design of relay computers,(More)
This study focuses on the work of three mathematicians who collaborated on post-World War II projects. Specifically, the article examines connections between science policy debates and how practices of early computer developers were affected. Debate topics included ownership of technologies developed in private industry and at universities with public(More)