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The purposes of this quasi-experimental, one-group crossover study were to determine the effect of questioning during dental hygiene lectures on low-level and high-level learning and to evaluate student perceptions of questioning. Twenty-three dental hygiene students participated in two control lectures using traditional lecturing methods. The students(More)
INTRODUCTION Oral complications can be profound in patients undergoing cancer therapy, negatively impacting quality of life, and potentially postponing or disrupting treatment. While oncology team members seek to deliver optimal oral care, evidence-based management of oral complications and knowledge in the provision of oral care poses a challenge to(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence and causes of burnout in rural physician assistants. (PA in this article refers to personal accomplishment. To avoid confusion, we will spell out physician assistant throughout the article, instead of using PA to refer to both physician assistant and personal accomplishment.) METHODS Physician assistants who practice in(More)
When you are choosing a diagnostic test, performing a treatment, or looking for drug interactions, you will base your decisions on many sources of information. You will rely on your accumulated knowledge of biology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, and health care. However, vast sources of information are available to improve on that knowledge. How will(More)
Research methods and statistics are foundational concepts for evidence-based practice (EBP). This chapter was written with the expectation that you have taken courses at the undergraduate level that address both research methods and statistics. We recommend that you have books related to these topics nearby as you read this chapter. Furthermore, we(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity and diabetes are epidemic in the United States, with many treatment options having limited long-term efficacy. A possible effective medical management tool is the shared medical appointment (SMA), which offers an efficient and cost-effective approach to behavior change and aligns with the Triple Aim (reduce costs, improve population(More)
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