Bernadette Duscher

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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) acetabular liners have a limited lifespan in a patient's body. There are many factors affecting the performance of the implant and furthermore the properties of the polymeric material are changing after implantation. In this work material changes according to structure and morphology and their implication(More)
Long chain branching (LCB) was used the first time as an innovative tool for value adding to PP from household post-consumer waste. Due to the highly improved melt properties, the possible application profile is extended and not only a "re-cycling" process, even a real "up-cycling" is presented. The used PP was collected from commingled household polyolefin(More)
Long-chain branching (LCB) with peroxydicarbonates (PODIC) is known as a suitable post-reactor process to introduce strain-hardening behaviour and an increase of melt strength to a linear polypropylene (PP). This opens up new possibilities for processing and therefore application. Especially in the case of adding value to PP post-consumer waste, LCB is a(More)
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