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With the increasing use of biometrics, more and more concerns are being raised about the privacy of the personal biometric data. Conventional biometric systems store biometric templates in a database. This may lead to the possibility of tracking personal information stored in one database by getting access to another database through cross-database(More)
We present in this communication a new biometric system based on the use of hand veins acquired by an infrared imager. After the preprocessing stage and binarization, the vein image is characterized by specific patterns. One originality of the proposed system is to use SIFT descriptors for the verification process. The developed method only necessitates a(More)
The principles underlying the organization and operation of the prefrontal cortex have been addressed by neural network modeling. The involvement of the prefrontal cortex in the temporal organization of behavior can be defined by processing units that switch between two stable states of activity (bistable behavior) in response to synaptic inputs. Long-term(More)
In this paper, we present the main results of the BioSecure Signature Evaluation Campaign (BSEC'2009). The objective of BSEC'2009 was to evaluate different online signature algorithms on two tasks: the first one aims at studying the influence of acquisition conditions (digitizing tablet or PDA) on systems' performance; the second one aims at studying the(More)
In this paper, we present a new method for iris identification particularly convenient for visible light images. It relies on the use of packets of wavelets [8] for the production of an iris code. Experiments, conducted on a database of 700 iris images, acquired with visible light illumination, show an improvement of 2% of FAR and of around 11.5% of FRR(More)
—Keystroke dynamics is a behavioral biometrics showing a degradation of performance when used over time. This is due to the fact that the user improves his/her way of typing while using the system, therefore the test samples may be different from the initial template computed at an earlier stage. One way to bypass this problem is to use template update(More)
This paper describes the objectives, the tasks proposed to the participants and the associated protocols in terms of database and assessment tools of two present competitions on fingerprints and on-line signatures, the results of which will be ready for presentation at the next ICB conference. The particularity of the fingerprint competition is to be an(More)