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MOTIVATION An important application of protein microarray data analysis is identifying a serodiagnostic antigen set that can reliably detect patterns and classify antigen expression profiles. This work addresses this problem using antibody responses to protein markers measured by a novel high-throughput microarray technology. The findings from this study(More)
MOTIVATION We present a study of antigen expression signals from a newly developed high-throughput protein microarray technique. These signals are a measure of antibody-antigen binding activity and provide a basis for understanding humoral immune responses to various infectious agents and supporting vaccine and diagnostic development. RESULTS We(More)
Brucellosis is a widespread zoonotic disease that is also a potential agent of bioterrorism. Current serological assays to diagnose human brucellosis in clinical settings are based on detection of agglutinating anti-LPS antibodies. To better understand the universe of antibody responses that develop after B. melitensis infection, a protein microarray was(More)
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