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Training with Corrupted Labels to Reinforce a Probably Correct Teamsport Player Detector
While the analysis of foreground silhouettes has become a key component of modern approach to multi-view people detection, it remains subject to errors when dealing with a single viewpoint. Besides,Expand
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A robust nonlinear scale space change detection approach for SAR images
In this paper, we propose a change detection approach based on nonlinear scale space analysis of change images for robust detection of various changes incurred by natural phenomena and/or humanExpand
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Shape-based Image Correspondence
Current state-of-the-art dense correspondence algorithms establish correspondences between pair of images by searching for a flow field that minimizes the distance between local signatures (e.g.,Expand
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Subpixel Semantic Flow
Dense semantic correspondence is usually cast as a variational optimization problem. Current methods generally focus on obtaining more discriminative features (to improve the data/correspondenceExpand
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Alignment by Composition
We propose an unsupervised method to establish dense semantic correspondences between images depicting different instances of the same object category. We posit that alignment is compositional inExpand