Berith Andersson

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AIMS To evaluate the feasibility of a nurse-monitored, outpatient-care program for elderly patients previously hospitalized with chronic heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients with chronic heart failure hospitalized in the medical wards were screened to find those eligible for a randomized study to compare the effect of a nurse-monitored,(More)
We review some recent statistical methods for examining geographic patterns of disease incidence for the presence of clusters. General methods search for clusters throughout the study area and then assess the statistical significance of any clusters detected. Focused methods check for elevated incidence rates close to prespecified locations of putative(More)
Rats with carcinoma of the colon implanted into the liver were subjected to hepatic arterial occlusion for 30-120 min. Regrowth of the tumour after reperfusion was evaluated by immunohistological determination of S-phase activity after injection of bromodeoxyuridine. Levels of RNA and nucleotides, and energy charge, were also examined. DNA synthesis was(More)
BACKGROUND Allergens from furred animals are brought to school mainly via clothing of pet owners. Asthmatic children allergic to cat have more symptoms when attending a class with many cat owners, and some schools allocate specific resources to allergen avoidance measures. OBJECTIVE The aim of the current study was to evaluate the effect of school(More)
Intranasal budesonide, 400 micrograms two times a day, was evaluated in 36 patients referred for treatment of nasal polyposis. The age range was 20 to 68 years. Polypectomy was done 5.6 (mean) times previously. After a 5-week, treatment-free, baseline period, patients were treated in a double-blind fashion with either budesonide or placebo during 4 weeks.(More)