Berit Lund

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Three studies were conducted using Clostridium perfringens as an intestinal challenge to produce necrotic enteritis (NE). The studies consisted of two battery screening studies and one production study in floor pens, which were used to test the effect of the addition of Bacillus licheniformis (DSM 17236) spores at different doses and feeding periods in(More)
A comparative and prospective study was performed in order to evaluate the advantages or disadvantages of the Ender operation in comparison with the McLaughlin technique. The series included 145 patients, 72 operated by the Ender method, and 73 by the McLaughlin method. There were no differences between the two groups as regards anaesthesia time, operation(More)
Until 1994, methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) were isolated from less than 60 patients annually in Denmark. We describe an outbreak of MRSA involving eight patients within a timespan of six weeks. Bacteriophage-typing and DNA typing using pulsed field gel electrophoresis revealed that three different strains of MRSA were involved in the(More)
Seven adults with the sequelae of Osgood-Schlatter's disease presented after experiencing symptoms for an average of eight years. In four cases a true joint had formed between an ossicle in the patellar ligament and a facet on the tibia. Surgical treatment produced good results in all of the patients. Treatment differs from that in children in whom the(More)