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Bacterial attachment to urinary-tract epithelium is important in the pathogenesis of urinary-tract infection. Most pyelonephritogenic Escherichia coli bind specifically to epithelial-cell receptors, which are glycolipids of the globoseries and also antigens in the P blood-group system. Among 36 girls with recurrent pyelonephritis who did not have(More)
The normal range of variation of the parenchymal thickness in well defined parts of the kidney was determined in children (0 to 15 years). The values were correlated with the distance between the superior surface of L1 and the inferior surface of L3. The ratio between the parenchymal thickness on the right side and the left side was also determined. The(More)
Back pain and radiological changes of the thoraco-lumbar spine were investigated in 142 top athletes, representing wrestling, gymnastics, soccer and tennis (age range 14-25 years). All groups of athletes reported back pain at high frequencies (50-85%). Male gymnasts had significantly increased incidence and severity of back pain as compared to the rest of(More)
A radiologic study of the thoraco-lumbar spine was performed in 143 (117 male and 26 female) athletes (wrestlers, gymnasts, soccer players and tennis players), aged 14 to 25 years and 30 male non-athletes, aged 19 to 25 years. Film interpretation was made after mixing the films from all groups and without knowledge of the individual's identity. Various(More)
OBJECTIVE Malformations of cortical development are frequent causes of human refractory epilepsy. The freeze-lesion model in rats shows histopathological features similar to those found in human polymicrogyria. Previous studies reported in vitro hyperexcitability in this model, but in vivo epileptogenicity has not been confirmed. METHODS Neocortical(More)
A double-blind clinical trial was performed in 1,000 consecutive patients to compare the safety and efficacy of intravenously administered nonionic (iohexol) and ionic (metrizoate) urographic contrast media. The patients ranged in age from 10 to 80 years. The incidence of mild to moderate adverse effects was 7.7% with iohexol and 31.2% with metrizoate. No(More)
During an 11-year period four children were seen with asymmetric renal parenchymal reduction, arterial hypertension, and sterile urine. The history and radio-logical or histological findings, or both, were consistent with "abacterial pyelonephritis" induced by bacterial infection in early childhood. All four had raised antibody titres to Escherichia coli.(More)
The demonstration and grading of reflux is crucial in examination and follow-up of any child with upper urinary tract infection. A variety of factors can influence the occurrence of reflux, e.g. race, genetics, state of maturation of the ureterovesical valve, diuresis, infection and bladder dysfunction, including obstruction and neurogenic disorders. Even(More)