Berit Guse

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Gold-nanoparticle/organic films were prepared via layer-by-layer self-assembly using dodecylamine-stabilised Au-nanoparticles and poly(propyleneimine) (PPI) dendrimers of generation one to five (G1-G5) or hexadecanedithiol (HDT) as linker compounds. TEM and FE-SEM images revealed that the bulk of the films consisted of nanoparticles with diameters of about(More)
The water balance and phosphorus inputs of surface waters of the Weiße Elster catchment, Germany, have been quantified using the models GROWA/MEPhos and SWAT. A comparison of the model results shows small differences in the mean long-term total runoff for the entire study area. All relevant pathways of phosphorus transport were considered in MEPhos with(More)
Small amounts of silver ions have been found to significantly enhance the growth rate of vanadium pentoxide (V(2)O(5)) nanofibres in aqueous solution at room temperature, yielding fibres with lengths of several micrometers within a few days; the V(2)O(5) fibres are decorated with silver nanoparticles with sizes in the range of 5-15 nm, which opens(More)
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