Beril Erdoğan

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MR spectroscopy findings in a case of neurocysticercosis are presented. A combination of elevated lactate, alanine, succinate, and choline levels and reduced levels of N -acetylaspartate and creatine in a cystic intraaxial lesion in the brain helped in characterizing the lesion. To our knowledge, the short echo point resolved spectroscopic sequence (PRESS)(More)
The aim of this experimental study was to evaluate the results of repairing large duodenal defects in rabbits by an ePTFE (Gore-Tex) soft tissue patch graft. A defect as large as 50% of the total circumference of the duodenum (i.e. Grade 3 injury) on anterior surface of the second part in 14 white New Zealand rabbits was done and repaired by 1 mm ePTFE(More)
Fas-Fas Ligand (FasL) is one of the major mediator system that activates programmed cell death. Cleavage of membranebound FasL by a metalloproteinase-like enzyme resulted in the formation of soluble FasL (sFasL). sFasL as well as the transmembrane form of FasL binds to Fas and transduces apoptotic signal in Fas-expressing cells. It's suggested that soluble(More)
Although pulmonary tuberculosis is common in Turkey, parotid gland tuberculosis is rarely seen. A 39 years old female presented with left side swelling on her face. The diagnosis was made excisional biopsy. Histologic examination of the operative specimen revealed necrotising granuloma concordant with tuberculosis.
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