Berikbay Zh. Kultanov

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In order to assess women's reproductive health in the Kyzylorda region (the Aral Sea) of Kazakhstan, 1406 women were involved in an integrated clinical-functional and laboratory examination, given regional and environmental ecological factors. The high level of endocrine gynecological pathology is indicated in the examined women. In both examined zones,(More)
BACKGROUND Extreme environmental situation in the Aral crisis has caused a massive chemical pollution of the territory for decades with high doses of pesticides, herbicides. Discharge of industrial waste into the rivers that feed the Aral Sea has lead to the development of various pathological processes in the human body, as well as disruption of(More)
AIM Objective of the study was to evaluate the state of the main indicators of antioxidant status and enzymes of purine metabolism in the germ cells of men living in the zone of ecological catastrophe Aral Sea region. METHODS The criterion for inclusion is the stay of an adult in the Aral Sea area is not less than 5 years, employment in occupations with(More)
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