Berhanu G. Gebremeskel

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to characterise the incidence rates of herpes zoster (HZ), also known as shingles, and risk of complications across the world. DESIGN We systematically reviewed studies examining the incidence rates of HZ, temporal trends of HZ, the risk of complications including postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) and HZ-associated(More)
for influenza vaccination, ILI symptoms, time off work/education, and HCRU. Transmission of ILI from children to adults was estimated. Descriptive statistics were used. Results: Across 938 participants/households there were 1895 adults mean age 40.6 years, 52.7% females; 1695 children mean age 8.7 years, 46.8% females. 91/306 adult ILI incidences were(More)
We used a claims database to assess coverage for rotavirus (RV), diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis, and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines among infants in the United States. Similar coverage was seen until 7 months of age, after which RV coverage lagged. Missed opportunities for vaccination at well-child visits were found to vary by age.
BACKGROUND Rotavirus gastroenteritis (RGE) is the leading cause of diarrhea in young children in Oman, incurring substantial healthcare and economic burden. We propose to formally assess the potential cost effectiveness of implementing universal vaccination with a pentavalent rotavirus vaccine (RV5) on reducing the health care burden and costs associated(More)
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