Bergstrom Lucas

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BACKGROUND Imaging and electroencephalographic studies have reported inter-hemispheric asymmetries in frontal cortical regions associated with depression. This study aimed at comparing motor corticospinal excitability assessed by methods of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) between the right and left hemispheres in patients with major depression and(More)
Very early onset schizophrenia is a psychiatric syndrome in children under 13 years of age that is characterized by a very poor prognosis, due to frequent resistance to treatment. 1 We report here the case of a hospitalized 11-year-old child (YP), with a positive diagnosis of very early onset schizophrenia for the past 2 years (positive K-SADS-DSM-IV 2),(More)
BACKGROUND Heavy users of psychiatric services, often defined as the population that uses the most beds, consume a large part of the resources used by the whole service, despite being relatively small in number. Any intervention that reduces heavy use is therefore likely to lead to significant savings, and enhancement of standard care using a form of(More)
Vienna, December 4 th-6 th PROCEEDINGS WHAT IS CAMDA? CAMDA (1,2) was founded to provide a forum to critically assess different techniques used in microarray data analysis. It aims to establish the state-of-the-art in microarray data analysis, as well as identify progress and highlight promising directions for future efforts. In order to achieve these(More)
"Heavy users" is a new term often used to describe those who occupy a disproportionate number of psychiatric beds. In this study we identified the heaviest 10% (193) inpatient service users in one London borough over a 6 year period and compared these with a control group of 400 ordinary inpatient users. A weighting index was used to combine frequency of(More)
This study examines the effect of managing agency (local authority, private or voluntary) on the use of other health and social care services by residents in mental health hostels and group homes with different levels of staffing in England and Wales. The sample comprised 1323 residents in 275 facilities in eight districts. The measures of service use were(More)
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