Bergai Parthsarathy Nirmala

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Migration is a universal phenomenon, which existed with the subsistence of the human beings on earth. People migrate from one place to another for several reasons, but the goal or main reason behind changing the residence would be improving their living conditions or to escape from debts and poverty. Migration is also a social phenomenon which influences(More)
BACKGROUND Family's expressed emotion has been shown to be predictive of outcome in mental and physical illnesses in a variety of cultural settings. The relationship between caregiver burden and high level of expressed emotions has demonstrated a high level of relapse among the psychiatric patients in the West. AIM The current study explores the(More)
In the title compound, C(13)H(10)N(2)O(5)S, the N-C bond in the C-SO(2)-NH-C segment has gauche torsion angles with respect to the S=O bonds. The conformation between the N-H bond and the ortho-nitro group in the sulfonyl benzene ring is syn. The mol-ecule is twisted at the S-N bond with a torsion angle of -63.4 (2)°. The sulfonyl benzene ring is tilted by(More)
UNLABELLED Family-work conflict (FWC) and work-family conflict (WFC) are more likely to exert negative influences in the family domain, resulting in lower life satisfaction and greater internal conflict within the family. Studies have identified several variables that influence the level of WFC and FWC. Variables such as the size of family, the age of(More)
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