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Hirudin is a potent thrombin inhibitor derived from the leech Hirudo medicinalis salivary gland which has considerable potential for therapeutic use in thrombotic disease. The major risk attendant its use is hemorrhage. This study investigates the hypothesis that the prohemostatic effects of DDAVP infusion can curtail the hemorrhagic effect induced by(More)
(+)-AJ 76 is a stimulant dopamine (DA) antagonist, which has a putative preferential action at DA nerve terminal autoreceptors. Because it is both a mild stimulant and a DA antagonist, it has previously been suggested that (+)-AJ 76 might antagonize both the euphoria and craving associated with cocaine abuse and withdrawal, respectively. To evaluate this(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal Graves disease rarely presents before 26 weeks of gestation. We report a case of severe fetal Graves disease at 18 weeks of gestation in a mother who had very elevated Graves disease antibodies despite being several years post-thyroid ablative therapy and thyroidectomy. CASE A 36-year-old woman, gravida 1 para 0, with severe Graves(More)
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