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The ultrasound results in 141 patients through 203 cycles stimulated with clomiphene citrate prior to oocyte collection and in vitro fertilization are analyzed. A wide range in the size and number of follicles was seen. Bivariate analysis of the size of the largest follicle, compared with the time of the spontaneous luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, has shown(More)
In vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET) have resulted in the birth of nine babies, including twins. One of the twins had a congenital cardiac malformation and seven of the nine babies were girls. Labor occurred preterm in two pregnancies; and in six delivery was by cesarean section. Plasma human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), progesterone (P),(More)
A ghost artifact is produced when refraction of an ultrasound beam occurs in one part of a scanning plane. Image duplication or even triplication may result. This may lead to error of diagnosis and measurement. Ghost artifacts are commonly seen in transverse echograms of pelvic organs because the rectus muscle interposed between the transducer and the area(More)
The dynamic aspects of the uterus have hitherto gone unrecognized by ultrasonographers. The inherent contractility of the uterus produces dynamic artifacts on static echograms that may lead to serious misdiagnoses. Four cases are presented which illustrated these dynamic changes. Time-lapse echography is proposed as a method of assessing uterine dynamics(More)
An analysis of nine pregnancies resulting from in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer was made in order to identify factors common to all of the pregnancies. These factors included clomiphene stimulation; general anesthesia for laparoscopy; identification of large follicles (greater than 8 ml) and a mature oocyte; preincubation of the oocyte for 4.7 to(More)
A study was made of the accuracy of different methods currently used in assessing the transverse diameter of abdominal aortic aneurysms. The maximum transverse diameter of the abdominal aorta was estimated by clinical palpation, plain radiology, ultrasonography and aortography, in a group of 47 patients who were subjected to either a surgical exploration or(More)