Berenice de la Cruz

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of enhanced milieu teaching when combined with a voice output communication aid on the requesting skills of three children with autism. The research design was a multiple probe across participants. All sessions were conducted during 5-min play sessions in the child's classroom. All three children learned(More)
We compared two procedures (video prompting versus video modeling) for teaching six adults with developmental disabilities to set a table and put away groceries. Video prompting involved 10 separate video clips, each showing one step of the task analysis. Video modeling involved a single video showing all 10 steps from beginning to end. After watching the(More)
It is well known that the skull provides elements for sex identification. Twenty-two bones form the cephalic cranium and they are divided into neurocranium and splancnocranium. This research aimed to study different characteristics between skulls from both sexes by evaluating the following measurements: mastoid notch to incisive foramen (right and left(More)
The use of double J catheters is usual in urologist's daily practice. The indication can be divided in prophylactic or therapeutic. Prophylactically, they prevent complications derived from endourological procedures, such as ureteral lesion or obstructive uropathy secondary to residual lithiasis or edema. Therapeutically, they treat obstructive uropathy of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the influence of barbed suture in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. METHODS A retrospective study of 150 patients who underwent laparoscopic radical prostatectomy was carried out by our department. The patients were divided in two groups according to the kind of suture used during the vesicourethral anastomosis: conventional 3-0(More)
INTRODUCTION Microperc is the upgraded form of percutaneous nephrolithotomy miniaturization. The aim of this study is to compare prospectively microperc and retrograde intrarenal surgery for the treatment of renal stones smaller than 2 cm. MATERIAL AND METHODS A comparative prospective study of both techniques was carried out between January 2014 and June(More)
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