Berenice Schneider

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One of the ongoing debates around metacommunity ecology is to what extent stochastic and deterministic processes act on community assembly. We explored the influence of both determinism, mediated by environmental filters, and stochasticity, mediated by dispersal and ecological drift, on phytoplankton assembly in a floodplain river. A probabilistic(More)
In traditional Indian medicine, various parts of the neem tree have been used for centuries, especially with skin diseases. These products are often applied in human mycoses. We tested some dried neem materials, neem oils as well as simple neem preparations and extracts with regard to their effect on 14 of the most common pathogenic fungi. Neither the dried(More)
Application of straight-wire-technique leads to expression of complicated biomechanical systems. If these--according to Burstone--are subdivided into simple couples of teeth, it is possible to determine the moments and forces acting on one side of a tooth. However the significant factor for clinical tooth movement are the resulting forces and moments. These(More)
Front teeth can be intruded by the segmented arches described by Burstone. The article analyses the vertical forces under the influence of symmetric intrusion arches and examines the static situation caused by non-symmetric activation of symmetric intrusion mechanics. It shows that in some cases even extrusive forces can occur in the anterior segment,(More)
A pilot study examined the clinical and histological effects of orthodontic tooth movement in hydroxyapatite-augmented ridges in animal models. Responses observed at the interface between the clinical root and the ceramo-osseous regeneration were negative: impairment of periodontal function had led to immobility and root resorption. On the basis of this(More)
The present study was to determine, if the use of a Vicryl membrane following a full flap procedure and combined with subsequent orthodontic intrusion renders the formation of new attachment more predictable. In an animal experiment eight premolars with reduced periodontia were intruded. The findings were analyzed histologically, histometrically and(More)
This experimental animal study was conducted to evaluate the extent of bone restructuring after bodily movement of teeth into an area of atrophied alveolar bone. The measured values as well as the radiographic and histologic data indicate that partial or total bone restructuring occurs depending on the rate of tooth movement. In our experiment we observed(More)
In a study on three dogs 12 two-rooted premolars with reduced periodontia were intruded to reestablish marginal attachment. In eight roots intrusion into the basal cortical bone of the nasal sinus was found. The histological findings showed that in these cases a possible gain of new attachment in the interradicular space may be impaired by a loss of bone(More)
Our experiment on animals was carried out in order to show to which degree the dog's bony nasal floor--taken as an equivalent of the recessus of the human maxillary sinus--is an obstacle to bodily tooth movement. The metric analysis showed that the movement of the upper teeth in comparison with the teeth of the lower jaw was markedly impaired by the basal(More)
The theoretically favourable aspects of orthodontic space closure with segmented arch technique and the T-loop type A are clinically reproducible. In our study of eleven patients we found for the isolated canine retraction, as well as for the en masse retraction, controlled types of movement for the active units and maximum anchorage situations for the(More)
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