Berendine van Zyl

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BACKGROUND The properties of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) as a potent vascular permogen and mitogen have led to investigation of its potential role in lung injury. Alternate spliced VEGF transcript generates several isoforms with potentially differing functions. The purpose of this study was to determine VEGF isoform expression and source in(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent advances in molecular techniques have revealed that there is bi-directional transfer of cells between mother and child during pregnancy, and the presence of a mother's cells in her child has been termed maternal microchimerism (MMc). There is the potential for maternal cells to provoke inappropriate immune responses in the child, which(More)
We have constructed a complete hydrodynamic theory of nucleation and growth in a one–dimensional version of an elastic shear martensitic transformation with open boundary conditions where we have accounted for interfa-cial energies with strain–gradient contributions. We have studied the critical martensitic nuclei for this problem: Interestingly, the bulk(More)
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