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Human CD8+ memory- and effector-type T cells are poorly defined. We show here that, next to a naive compartment, two discrete primed subpopulations can be found within the circulating human CD8+ T cell subset. First, CD45RA-CD45R0(+) cells are reminiscent of memory-type T cells in that they express elevated levels of CD95 (Fas) and the integrin family(More)
The alphaEbeta7 integrin CD103 may direct lymphocytes to its ligand E-cadherin. CD103 is expressed on T cells in lung and gut and on allograft-infiltrating T cells. Moreover, recent studies have documented expression of CD103 on CD4+ regulatory T cells. Approximately 4% of circulating CD8+ T cells bear the CD103 molecule. In this study, we show that the(More)
Development in the central nervous system is highly dependent on the regulation of the switch from progenitor cell proliferation to differentiation, but the molecular and cellular events controlling this process remain poorly understood. Here, we report that ablation of Crb1 and Crb2 genes results in severe impairment of retinal function, abnormal(More)
Cells of the myeloid lineage at various stages of maturity can differentiate into multinucleated osteoclasts. Yet, it is unclear which developmental stages of this lineage are more prone to become osteoclasts than others. We investigated the osteoclastogenic potential of three successive stages of myeloid development isolated from mouse bone marrow. Early(More)
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