Berend Denkena

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BACKGROUND Material wear testing is an important technique in the development and evaluation of materials for use in implant for total knee arthroplasty. Since a knee joint induces a complex rolling-gliding movement, standardised material wear testing devices such as Pin-on-Disc or Ring-on-Disc testers are suitable to only a limited extent because they(More)
The thesis Autonomous Robot Work Cell Exploration using Multisensory Eye-in-Hand Systems presents a sensor-based approach to the selfguided robotic exploration of initially partly unknown environments, which takes sensing uncertainty into account. Aiming at facilitating automated work processes in flexible work cells, the robotic system is designed to gain(More)
The innovative parallel manipulator PaLiDA is the subject of this paper. Main aspects are treated from the design and concept of the drives to the advanced control concept of the complete system. A commercial direct linear drive is integrated into newly designed struts variable in length. The system's design and the strut's arrangement are carried out based(More)
To mimic the impressive mechanical behavior of natural ceramics for technical or biomedical applications, interest has been focused on nacre, a natural composite consisting of imbricated aragonite platelets embedded in a protein matrix. Nacre is an ideal model material for implants, since it possesses favorable strength and toughness properties compared to(More)
BACKGROUND Ceramic materials are used in a growing proportion of hip joint prostheses due to their wear resistance and biocompatibility properties. However, ceramics have not been applied successfully in total knee joint endoprostheses to date. One reason for this is that with strict surface quality requirements, there are significant challenges with regard(More)