Berend Denkena

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BACKGROUND Ceramic materials are used in a growing proportion of hip joint prostheses due to their wear resistance and biocompatibility properties. However, ceramics have not been applied successfully in total knee joint endoprostheses to date. One reason for this is that with strict surface quality requirements, there are significant challenges with regard(More)
For the b etter part of the 20 th century many large companies have b een focussed on optimizing their mass production process as a way of maximizing their profits. Nowadays, in the existing environment of glob al competitiveness, enhancing the production process remains a significant issue as well. Product configuration b ased on integrated modular product(More)
Magnesium alloys have been in the focus of research in recent years as degradable biomaterial. The purpose of this study was the biomechanical characterisation of MgCa0.8-screws. The maximum pull out force of screws was determined in a synthetic bone without corrosion and after fixed intervals of corrosion: 24, 48, 72 and 96 h. This in vitro study has been(More)