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The Idea of Human Rights as Perceived in the Ottoman Empire
Although human rights doctrine has primarily been a product of Western history, non-Western conceptions and interpretations of issues which we may today link with "human rights" can undoubtedly
An Inquiry into the Turkish ‘School’ of International Law
This paper seeks to examine major Turkish textbooks of public international law, focusing particularly on a small number of core areas in this discipline: historical origins and basic features;
The Conundrum about the United Nations Security Council: A Guardian of Peace or Cause for Concern?
This paper seeks to find out whether the United Nations Security Council (UN SC) has been perfoming its primary task of safeguarding international peace and security effectively since the Cold War
Dispensing with Tradition? Turkish Politics and International Society during the Özal Decade, 1983-93
L'A. examine le role du Premier ministre (1983-89), puis President de la Republique turque (1989-93), Turgut Ozal, dans l'evolution politique et culturelle de la Turquie. D'une part il met en
A Critical View of the Scholarly Discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian Problem
  • Berdal Aral
  • Political Science
    New Middle Eastern Studies
  • 11 January 2019
The scholarly discourse about Israel has at least two defects. First, although it is a colonial-settler state that has occupied the entirety of the former British Mandate of Palestine, it is still by