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In this study, a new single-solution based metaheuristic, namely the Vortex Search (VS) algorithm, is proposed to perform numerical function optimization. The proposed VS algorithm is inspired from the vortex pattern created by the vortical flow of the stirred fluids. To provide a good balance between the explorative and exploitative behavior of a search,(More)
The kernelized fuzzy c-means algorithm uses kernel methods to improve the clustering performance of the well known fuzzy c-means algorithm by mapping a given dataset into a higher dimensional space non-linearly. Thus, the newly obtained dataset is more likely to be linearly seprable. However, to further improve the clustering performance, an optimization(More)
In this study, a method based on the Vortex Search algorithm is proposed for analog filter group delay optimization. To measure the performance of the proposed method, a number of all-pass filters are first cascaded to a fifth order Chebyshev low-pass filter and then the optimum parameters of these all-pass filters are searched by using the Vortex Search(More)
The energy function of the off-lattice AB model has a number of deep valleys and hills which usually leads the search algorithms to trap into a local minimum point. Existing studies usually performs algorithmic improvements on the well-known search methods to avoid from these local minimum points. However, these algorithmic improvements further increase the(More)
In this paper, an ECG beat clustering method based on fuzzy c-means algorithm and particle swarm optimization is proposed. For this purpose, ECG records which are selected from MIT-BIH arrhythmia database are firstly preprocessed and then four morphological features are extracted for six different types of beats. These features are then clustered with the(More)
In the past two decades, mass spectrometry-based identification of serum proteomic patterns has emerged as a new diagnostic tool for the early detection of various types of cancers. However, due to its high dimensionality, the analysis of mass spectrometry data poses considerable challenges. Existing methods proposed for the analysis of mass spectrometry(More)