Beong In Yun

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In this paper, using a hyperbolic tangent function tanhðbxÞ, b > 0, we develop a non-iterative method to estimate a root of an equation f(x) = 0. The problem of finding root is transformed to evaluating an integral, and thus we need not take account of choosing initial guess. The larger the value of b, the better the approximation to the root. Alternatively(More)
Beong In Yun Department of Informatics and Statistics, Kunsan National University, Kunsan 573-701, Republic of korea Correspondence should be addressed to Beong In Yun, Received 7 April 2011; Revised 31 May 2011; Accepted 29 June 2011 Academic Editor: Ch Tsitouras Copyright q 2011 Beong In Yun. This is an open access article distributed(More)