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Many researchers are concerned about the appropriateness of traditional research approaches and methodologies in the analysis of a digital economy. Using the Experimental Digital Economy (EDE), a new technology infrastructure that we have developed for a digital economy, we propose a new research methodology, a virtual field experiment, which makes it(More)
Keywords: Behavioral intention Behavioral research Mobile communication services Multimedia messaging services Partial least squares Questionnaire surveys Survey research a b s t r a c t A better understanding of users' decision making processes gives service providers greater insight to factors that guide users' adoption of new services and the development(More)
Recent researches demonstrated that when facing a really new product, consumers would learn about it through knowledge transfer from the base domains (existing familiar categories) to a new product category. This paper applied this theoretical background to the smartwatch category. Smartwatch can be categorized as another variant of a wristwatch or a(More)
Taylor & Francis makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information (the " Content ") contained in the publications on our platform. However, Taylor & Francis, our agents, and our licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the Content. Any opinions and views(More)
order to provide our readers with timely access to new content, papers accepted by the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene are posted online ahead of print publication. Papers that have been accepted for publication are peer-reviewed and copy edited but do not incorporate all corrections or constitute the final versions that will appear in the(More)
—There are many methods to treat Ammonia and Toluene. BioFilter has many advantages. But Because of cytotoxicity of ammonia and toluene, we need microorganisms suitable for ammonia and toluene. Therefore, we study microbial community change under the treatment of Ammonia and/or Toluene. The Genus Pseudofulvimonas and Pusillimonas are increased under the(More)
This road map aims to establish a stable and integrated healthcare system for the Korean Peninsula by improving health conditions and building a foundation for healthcare in North Korea through a series of effective healthcare programs. With a basic time frame extending from the present in stages towards unification, the roadmap is composed of four(More)