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In January 2004, a California law passed in 1999 became effective regulating minimum nurse to patient ratios in hospital units. This legislation was prompted by results from previous research showing higher adverse patient outcomes when hospital nurse/patient ratios are low. In this study, we use a census of hospital discharges in California over the(More)
We examine how wealth shocks, in the form of inheritances, affect the mortality rates, health status and health behaviors of older adults, using data from eight waves of the Health and Retirement Survey. Our main finding is that bequests do not have substantial effects on health, although improvements in quality-of-life are possible. This absence occurs(More)
Many researchers are concerned about the appropriateness of traditional research approaches and methodologies in the analysis of a digital economy. Using the Experimental Digital Economy (EDE), a new technology infrastructure that we have developed for a digital economy, we propose a new research methodology, a virtual field experiment, which makes it(More)
  • Beomsoo Kim
  • Journal of preventive medicine and public health…
  • 2009
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of the workplace smoking ban in South Korea, where the male smoking rate is high (57%), on smoking behavior and secondhand smoke exposure. METHODS A workplace smoking ban legislation implemented in April 2003 requires offices, meeting rooms, and lobbies located in larger than 3,000 square meter buildings (or 2,000 square(More)
Theory testing is as important as theory building in a nascent field like Electronic Commerce (EC). While there is a small but growing body of theoretical models of EC, the literature on empirical testing of beliefs, assumptions and models of EC is sparse, primarily due to difficulties in collecting relevant and detailed data from the field. Experimentation(More)
In this article, we use a longitudinal census of laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgeries collected directly from patient charts to examine the learning-by-doing hypothesis in medicine. LASIK surgery has precise measures of presurgical condition and postsurgical outcomes. Unlike other types of surgery, the impact of unobservable underlying patient(More)
Low population density in rural developing countries coupled with deficient infrastructure, weak state capacity and limited budgets makes increasing health care coverage difficult. Contracting-out mobile medical teams may be a helpful solution in this context. This article examines the impact of a large-scale programme of this type in Guatemala. We document(More)
OBJECTIVES The US ranks ninth in obesity in the world, and approximately 7% of US adults experience major depressive disorder. Social isolation due to the stigma attached to obesity might trigger depression. METHODS This paper examined the impact of obesity on depression. To overcome the endogeneity problem, we constructed pseudopanel data using the(More)