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We examine how wealth shocks, in the form of inheritances, affect the mortality rates, health status and health behaviors of older adults, using data from eight waves of the Health and Retirement Survey. Our main finding is that bequests do not have substantial effects on health, although improvements in quality-of-life are possible. This absence occurs(More)
In January 2004, a California law passed in 1999 became effective regulating minimum nurse to patient ratios in hospital units. This legislation was prompted by results from previous research showing higher adverse patient outcomes when hospital nurse/patient ratios are low. In this study, we use a census of hospital discharges in California over the(More)
Many researchers are concerned about the appropriateness of traditional research approaches and methodologies in the analysis of a digital economy. Using the Experimental Digital Economy (EDE), a new technology infrastructure that we have developed for a digital economy, we propose a new research methodology, a virtual field experiment, which makes it(More)
Keywords: Behavioral intention Behavioral research Mobile communication services Multimedia messaging services Partial least squares Questionnaire surveys Survey research a b s t r a c t A better understanding of users' decision making processes gives service providers greater insight to factors that guide users' adoption of new services and the development(More)
  • Beomsoo Kim
  • 2009
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of the workplace smoking ban in South Korea, where the male smoking rate is high (57%), on smoking behavior and secondhand smoke exposure. METHODS A workplace smoking ban legislation implemented in April 2003 requires offices, meeting rooms, and lobbies located in larger than 3,000 square meter buildings (or 2,000 square(More)
Dissertation Fellowship is gratefully acknowledged. All errors are my own. Abstract This paper examines whether conclusions about the relationship between education and labor market risk depend on the use of commonly applied procedures to clean data of extreme values. The analysis uses fifteen years of data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics to(More)
We examine the " learning by doing " hypothesis in medicine using a longitudinal census of laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgeries collected directly from patient charts. LASIK surgery has precise measures of presurgical condition and postsurgical outcomes. Unlike any other surgery, the impact of unobservable conditions on outcomes is minimal.(More)