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The 21st Century Sejong Project is a comprehensive project aiming to build various kinds of language resources including Korean corpora, comparable to BNC (Aston & Burnard, 1998), and Korean electronic dictionaries. The project was conceived of in 1997 and started in 1998 as a 10-year long-term project. By 2003, we completed 6 years of our work. The Sejong(More)
This paper discusses the relationship between grammar as linguistic knowledge, as envisaged in Generative Grammar, and usage, the result of performance. In concrete, I analyze the use of Korean reflexives icaki l , 'casin, and 'cakicasin' by examining the occurrences of these reflexives in a 5-million-word Korean corpus, taken from a 10-million-word Korean(More)
Dictionary markup (encoding) is one of the concerns of TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), an international project for text encoding. In this paper, we investigate ways to use and extend TEI encoding scheme for the markup of Korean dictionary entries. Since TEI suggestions for dictionary markup are mainly for western language dictionaries, we need to cope with(More)
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