Beom Heyn Kim

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The public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud industry has reached a critical mass in the past few years, with many cloud service providers fielding competing services. Despite the competition, we find some of the security mechanisms offered by the services to be similar, indicating that the cloud industry has established a number of(More)
Cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Drop Box, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive have become increasingly popular. However, users may be reluctant to completely trust a cloud service. Current proposals in the literature to protect the confidentiality, integrity and consistency of data stored in the cloud all have shortcomings when used on(More)
Malware and phishing are two major threats for users seeking to perform security-sensitive tasks using computers today. To mitigate these threats, we introduce Unicorn, which combines the phishing protection of standard security tokens and malware protection of trusted computing hardware. The Unicorn security token holds user authentication credentials, but(More)
Many modern distributed storage systems emphasize availability and partition tolerance over consistency, leading to many systems that provide weak data consistency. However, weak data consistency is difficult for both system designers and users to reason about. Formal specifications offer precise descriptions of consistency behavior, but they require(More)
Publish/subscribe is a communication paradigm where loosely-coupled clients communicate in an asynchronous fashion. Publish/subscribe supports the flexible development of large-scale, event-driven and ubiquitous systems. Publish/subscribe is prevalent in a number of application domains such as social networking, distributed business processes and real-time(More)
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