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The variation of the tunnel spin-polarization (TSP) with energy is determined using a magnetic tunnel transistor, allowing quantification of the energy dependent TSP separately for both ferromagnet/insulator interfaces and direct correlation with the tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) measured in the same device. The intrinsic TSP is reduced below the Fermi(More)
We investigate the possibility to measure the top quark mass using the collider variable m T 2 at the LHC experiment. Monte Carlo studies of m T 2 are performed with the events corresponding to the dilepton decays of t ¯ t produced at the LHC with 10 f b −1 integrated luminosity. Our analysis suggests that the top quark mass can be determined by the m T 2(More)
A major problem of long-chain fatty acid (LCFA) hydroxylation using Escherichia coli is that FadD (long-chain fatty acyl-CoA synthetase), which is necessary for exogenous LCFA transport, also initiates cellular consumption of LCFA. In this study, an effective method to prevent the cellular consumption of LCFA without impairing its transport is proposed. The(More)
Bacterial cytochrome P450 enzymes in cytochrome P450 (CYP)153 family were recently reported as fatty acid ω-hydroxylase. Among them, CYP153As from Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8 (CYP153A33), Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2 (CYP153A13), and Gordonia alkanivorans (CYP153A35) were selected, and their specific activities and product yields of ω-hydroxy palmitic acid(More)
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