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To improve and guarantee the reliability of the running of embedded systems, the correctness of systems and system running should be ensured. But while there are many researches to ensure the correctness of systems during development and test, there were not so many efforts to monitor the correct behavior while running embedded systems. Even if redundant(More)
As long as the effective contributions of satellite images in the continuous monitoring of the wide area and long range of time period, Landsat TM and Landsat ETM+ satellite images are surveyed. After quantization and classification of the deviations between TM and ETM+ images based on approved thresholds such as gains and biases or offsets, a correlation(More)
To achieve the scalability, which is one of important research topics on the distributed virtual environment (DVE), the seamless architecture is usually used. In a seamless game world, a player may be unknowingly interacting with objects that are actually being controlled by multiple game processes or servers. The game world is divided into several small(More)
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