Bente Prytz Mjølstad

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BACKGROUND Clinical guidelines for single diseases often pose problems in general practice work with multimorbid patients. However, little research focuses on how general practice is affected by the demand to follow multiple guidelines. This study explored Norwegian general practitioners' (GPs') experiences with and reflections upon the consequences for(More)
Background: It is well known that general practitioners (GPs) often do not adhere to clinical guidelines, but reasons for this seem complex and difficult to understand. Limited research focuses on the total amount of clinical guidelines as they appear in general practice. The aim of this study was to get in-depth information by exploring Norwegian GPs’(More)
BACKGROUND Repeated encounters over time enable general practitioners (GPs) to accumulate biomedical and biographical knowledge about their patients. A growing body of evidence documenting the medical relevance of lifetime experiences indicates that health personnel ought to appraise this type of knowledge and consider how to incorporate it into their(More)
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