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Issues about the relation between information technology (IT), knowledge and organizational learning appear more critical as IT becomes an increasingly integrated part of organizational life. We believe that in order to understand the role of IT in organizational learning, we need to focus on the relation between learning theories and understandings of(More)
This paper introduces Social Worlds Theory as an alternative perspective on organizational learning. Social Worlds Theory has close resemblance with the practice perspective on organizational learning but contributes to this tradition by focussing on tensions and conflicts as well as processes of segmentation and intersection as a result of different(More)
Bente Elkjaer " Power in action requires largeness of vision, which can be had only through the use of imagination. Men must at least have enough interest in thinking for the sake of thinking to escape the limitations of routine and custom. Interest in knowledge for the sake of knowledge, in thinking for the sake of the free play of thought, is necessary to(More)
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