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A novel logic is introduced for the introduction of nondeterministic and concurrent processes expressed in a process algebra. For a process algebra to be useful as a process language, it must possess compositionality, i.e. it should be possible to decompose the problem of correctness for a combined system with respect to a given specification of similar and(More)
In this paper we present a calculus of communicating systems which allows one to express sending and receiving processes. We call this calculus Plain CHOCS. The calculus is a refinement of our earlier work on the calculus of higher order communicating systems (CHOCS). Essential to the new calculus is the treatment of restriction as a static binding operator(More)
In this paper we present <italic>A Calculus of Higher Order Communicating Systems</italic>. This calculus considers sending and receiving processes to be as fundamental as nondeterminism and parallel composition. The calculus is an extension of CCS [Mil80] in the sense that all the constructions of CCS are included or may be derived from more fundamental(More)
In this paper we use the chemical abstract machine (CHAM) framework [BeB90, BeB92, Bou94] for discussing various semantics for the Facile programming language [GMP89, GMP90, FAR93] and for formalising (parts of) its implementations. We use these formal descriptions to argue (informally) about implementability and cost of implementation in terms of low level(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to schedulability analysis of Safety Critical Hard Real-Time Java programs. The approach is based on a translation of programs, written in the Safety Critical Java profile introduced in [21] for the Java Optimized Processor [18], to timed automata models verifiable by the Uppaal model checker [23]. Schedulability(More)
We propose a new, minimal specification for real-time Java for safety critical applications. The intention is to provide a profile that supports programming of applications that can be validated against safety critical standards such as DO-178B (1992). The proposed profile is in line with the Java specification request JSR-302: Safety Critical Java(More)