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—This paper presents the implementation of a novel seamless indoor/outdoor positioning service for mobile users. The service is being made available in the Streamspin system (www.streamspin.com), an open platform for the creation and delivery of location-based services. Streamspin seeks to enable the delivery of truly ubiquitous location-based services by(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to schedulability analysis of Safety Critical Hard Real-Time Java programs. The approach is based on a translation of programs, written in the Safety Critical Java profile introduced in [21] for the Java Optimized Processor [18], to timed automata models verifiable by the Uppaal model checker [23]. Schedulability(More)
A Java profile suitable for development of high integrity embedded systems is presented. It is based on event handlers which are grouped in missions and equipped with respectively private handler memory and shared mission memory. This is a result of our previous work on developing a Java profile, and is directly inspired by interactions with the Open Group(More)