Benoni B. Edin

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It has been concluded from numerous neurophysiological studies that humans rely on detecting discrete mechanical events that occur when grasping, lifting and replacing an object, i.e., during a prototypical manipulation task. Such events represent transitions between phases of the evolving manipulation task such as object contact, lift-off, etc., and appear(More)
We demonstrate a simple approach with which finger force can be measured from nail coloration. By automatically extracting features from nail images of a finger-mounted CCD camera, we can directly relate these images to the force measured by a force-torque sensor. The method automatically corrects orientation and illumination differences. Using Gaussian(More)
The temporal evolution of surface strain, resulting from a combination of normal and tangential loading forces on the fingerpad, was calculated from high-resolution images. A customized robotic device loaded the fingertip with varying normal force, tangential direction and tangential speed. We observed strain waves that propagated from the periphery to the(More)
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