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This article presents the available programs that can provide, with different technology, a virtualization of Linux computers. We define some usage criteria that allows the reader to chose the relevant virtualization technology according to its specific needs. We focus on the Linux-VServer technology, which is a very lightweight and effective technology for(More)
The testing process of a complex program managed with a version system and developed by a large team of international developers is a very lengthy and demanding task. In this paper, we present an automated testing infrastructure for OSCAR that relies on the virtualization of Linux computers. The virtualization layer is provided by the Linux-VServer project.(More)
Authors retain copyright to all submitted papers, but have granted unlimited redistribution rights to all as a condition of submission. Abstract The Open Source Cluster Application Resources (OSCAR) is a cluster software stack providing a complete infrastructure for cluster computing. The OSCAR project started in April 2000 with its first public release a(More)
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