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The topic of this paper is machine translation (MT) from French text into French sign language (LSF). After arguing in favour of a rule-based method, it presents the architecture of an original MT system, built on two distinct efforts: formalising LSF production rules and triggering them with text processing. The former is made without any concern for text(More)
This paper presents the first framework for integrating procedural knowledge, or " know-how " , into the Linked Data Cloud. Know-how available on the Web, such as step-by-step instructions, is largely unstructured and isolated from other sources of online knowledge. To overcome these limitations, we propose extending to procedural knowledge the benefits(More)
The Web is one of the major repositories of human generated know-how, such as step-by-step videos and instructions. This knowledge can be potentially reused in a wide variety of applications, but it currently suffers from a lack of structure and isolation from related knowledge. To overcome these challenges we have developed a Linked Data framework which(More)
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