Benoit Stockbroeckx

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The possibility to estimate accurately the subsurface electric properties from ground-penetrating radar (GPR) signals using inverse modeling is obstructed by the appropriateness of the forward model describing the GPR subsurface system. In this paper, we improved the recently developed approach of Lambot et al. whose success relies on a stepped-frequency(More)
A ground penetrating radar (GPR) system for identifying the shallow subsurface dielectric properties is proposed. It consists in a stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) radar operating in the 0.8-4 GHz ultrawide band combined with a dielectric filled TEM horn antenna to be used off ground in monostatic mode. This radar configuration is of practical(More)
This paper presents results obtained with a new explicit variational principle developed by the authors for planar multilayered gyrotropic structures. It is applied here to planar YIG films coupled to planar lines, used as resonators in Yig Tuned Oscillators. Under- and overcoupled topologies are modelled. The calculation of YIG Magnetostatic Wave(More)
An explicit variational principle (EvP) for the propagation constant of EM waves is compared with four numerical tools: the Newton-Raphson algorithm solving a transcendental equation, the spectral domain approach (SDA) applied to the Galerkin method, the 3-D simulator HFSS from He, and the finite element method (FEM). Each tool analyses a different planar(More)
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