Benoit Pothier

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The complete 1,751,377-bp sequence of the genome of the thermophilic archaeon Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum deltaH has been determined by a whole-genome shotgun sequencing approach. A total of 1,855 open reading frames (ORFs) have been identified that appear to encode polypeptides, 844 (46%) of which have been assigned putative functions based on(More)
The human perception of the external world appears as a natural, immediate and effortless task. It is achieved through a number of “low-level” sensory-motor processes that provide a high-level representation adapted to complex reasoning and decision. Compared to these representations, mobile robots usually provide only low-level obstacle maps(More)
We present a mobile robot whose goal is to autonomously explore an unknown indoor environment and to build a semantic map containing high-level information similar to those extracted by humans. This information includes the rooms, their connectivity, the objects they contain and the material of the walls and ground. This robot was developed in order to(More)
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