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Two-dimensional echocardiographic findings in porcine valve dysfunction were compared with pathologic findings in 10 patients (12 valves). Three specific echocardiographic findings were identified in patients with regurgitant lesions: prolapse, fracture and flail leaflets. Prolapse was associated pathologically with thinning of the leaflets, longitudinal(More)
Isolated infarction of the right ventricle is an extremely rare entity. A patient is described with diffuse interstitial lung disease who developed ST segment elevation in inferior and anterior leads on a routine electrocardiogram and at autopsy was found to have an isolated right ventricular infarct involving approximately 70% of the right ventricular(More)
The influence of autonomic tone on left ventricular (LV) contractility, along with the range of normal values and the effects of exercise on contractile state, were studied in 12 normal volunteers. Serial reproducibility was examined in a subgroup of 6. LV contractility was estimated by the LV peak-systolic pressure to end-systolic volume relation(More)
Keyes, Linda E., Thomas Douglas Sallade, Charles Duke, Jennifer Starling, Alison Sheets, Sushil Pant, David S. Young, David Twillman, Nirajan Regmi, Benoit Phelan, Purshotam Paudel, Matthew McElwee, Luke Mather, Devlin Cole, Theodore McConnell, and Buddha Basnyat. Blood pressure and altitude: an observational cohort study of hypertensive and nonhypertensive(More)
BACKGROUND The number of tourists in Nepal doubled between 2003 and 2013 is nearly 800 000. With the increased popularity of trekking, the number of those with pre-existing medical conditions requiring access to healthcare is likely to increase. We therefore sought to characterize the demographics and health status of trekkers on the Everest Base Camp route(More)
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