Benoit P. Petitjean

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Aeronautical structures are commonly assembled with bolted joints in which friction phenomena, in combination with slapping in the joint, provide damping on the dynamic behaviour. Some models, mostly non linear, have consequently been developed and the harmonic balance method (HBM) is adapted to compute non linear response functions in the frequency domain.(More)
In the presented work, a non linear effect of rubber referred as Fletcher-Gent effect or Payne effect is investigated. It leads to a change in the rubber dynamic modulus with vibration amplitudes and, consequently, modifies resonance frequencies of mechanical systems including non linear elastomers. In this study a new methodology is developed to take into(More)
An overview of fundamental wind turbine noise sources and their relative importance to overall sound levels is presented as well as methods of managing farm level sound. Several noise reduction concepts are presented followed by a discussion of how wind turbine operation affects far-field sound. First, several blade tip geometries were designed and tested(More)
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