Benoit Mauvieux

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BACKGROUND . Mental practice through motor imagery improves subsequent motor performance and thus mental training is considered to be a potential tool in neuromotor rehabilitation. OBJECTIVE . The authors investigated whether a circadian fluctuation of the motor imagery process occurs, which could be relevant in scheduling mental training in(More)
The circadian time structure of an organism can be desynchronized in a large number of instances, including the intake of specific drugs. We have previously found that propofol, which is a general anesthetic, induces a desynchronization of the circadian time structure in rats, with a 60-80 min significant phase advance of body temperature circadian rhythm.(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the circadian modulation on motor imagery quality for older adult inpatients to determine the best time of day to use motor imagery in rehabilitation activities. DESIGN Time series posttest only. SETTING Inpatient rehabilitation center. PARTICIPANTS Participants included older adult inpatients (N=34) who were hospitalized for(More)
Melatonin is a potential candidate for additive therapy in cancer, neurodegenerative, and mental disorders requiring administration during the activity phase. Nevertheless, because melatonin has mostly been used as a hypnotic, less is known about its cognitive effects. In this study, we investigated the effects of acute administration of melatonin on(More)
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