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In the frame of compact, lightweight and wideband multifunction system, two MMIC key components for the realization of wide band, compact and high SFDR receiver have been developed: a 6-18 GHz mixer and an X band active filter. To achieve high linearity performance, they are both developed using the UMS GaN 0.25 μm pHEMT Technology. Compared to(More)
GaN-based HEMT's have demonstrated better power-frequency performances than other devices using smaller band gap semiconductor materials. Studies have already been realized to evaluate the impact of GaN-based devices at the system level. In this paper, we present the design and the realization of broadband power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and power(More)
This article presents a S-C band active balun in a GaN integrated technology. Based on a differential pair this circuit realizes the single to differential conversion. Moreover this circuit can be used as preamplifier to drive a power stage. It delivers more than 25dBm in each differential path in the [2,4GHz-6GHz] band with a maximum of 29dBm at 3.8GHz.(More)
From 2005 to 2009, the European Defense Agency (EDA) supported the KORRIGAN project, aimed at establishing a European supply chain for the manufacturing of GaN HEMT devices and MMICs. This paper describes one follow-up programme, called MAGNUS (“GaN with UMS GH25 process”) fully dedicated to MMICs and module design using the quarter micron GaN(More)
In the frame of radar and warfare applications, a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Mixer has been developed using a UMS GaAs 0.25 µm Power pHEMT Technology. The mixer presented in this document exhibits at the same time wide frequency band, high isolation and high linearity. In the 6–18GHz frequency band, the mixer demonstrates(More)
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