Benoit Leprettre

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A time–frequency representation can highlight non-stationarities in a signal. We propose to extract subsets from the time– frequency representation (TFR) for classi3cation or recognition purposes. We developed two approaches. The 3rst one is developed for TFRs obtained from the short time Fourier transform or the gliding minimum variance method. The(More)
Rotor slot harmonics are found in the stator current waveforms for most squirrel-cage induction motors. These harmonics are caused by the finite number of rotor slots in a motor, and their frequencies are inherently correlated with the motor's rotational speed. A frequency demodulation approach is proposed in this paper to continuously and accurately track(More)
In this paper, we propose to perform early fault diagnosis using high-resolution spectral analysis of the stator current to detect bearing faults in electrical induction machine. While most research works focus on mechanical vibration analysis, the originality of our work relies on the use of highresolution methods to detect modulations in the stator(More)
In this paper, an overview of the main motor features influencing the protection devices settings is presented, pointing out key differences between three-phase direct-on-line (DOL) motors of different efficiency classes. The results of experimental tests and simulations are presented and discussed in the scope of the motor protection against overload,(More)
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