Benoit Le Blanc

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Concept mapping may be considered as the result of complex processes, which leads to the production of a concept map. Could it not be also used as a tool to explain mental representations, occurring during an anthropological field study? In an experiment conducted in Bordeaux the inhabitants were surveyed on the major transformation of their urban(More)
This paper presents a framework dedicated to support the acquisition of useful and usable scientific knowledge that can be transferred to industrialists. It exposes the seven corpora of Interpretation and Conclusion) necessary both to acquire and to structure relevant scientific knowledge. The framework is used in the domain of design of tailored biscuits(More)
Dossier type de réponse Ateliers de réflexion prospective Pièces à fournir : Partie 1-administrative et financière A-Fiche de synthèse B-Fiche d'information des partenaires industriels et EPIC C – Fiche d'information organisme public de recherche D – Synthèse financière Partie 2-scientifique et technique E-Présentation de l'atelier Partie 3 – description du(More)
Operational knowledge in industries is difficult to capture because of the tacit nature of gestures. The operators can be equipped with video capture devices. They can also be invited to describe the intentions of their gesture. But the bottleneck is in the gesture itself. This paper describes an experiment, which was performed at EDF (Electricité de(More)
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