Benoit J Vanasse

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More than 50% of the 500 top selling drugs in the world today are single enantiomers. To address the production of enantiomerically pure drug candidates, several tools (chiral pool, asymmetric catalysis, chiral reagents, chiral auxiliaries, resolution and biotransformation) are becoming increasingly available to the process chemist for development and(More)
A series of enol HIV-1 protease inhibitors which show competitive inhibition and the structure-activity relationship study which led to the design of these compounds are reported. By systematically modifying simple amino acids, Boc-Phe enol and Boc-Tyr enol derivatives yield nanomolar Kiapp values (Kiapp = 0.485 microM and Kiapp = 0.425 microM,(More)
Low-temperature 6Li NMR spectroscopic studies on a chiral beta-amino ester enolate reveal a complex mixture of homo- and heterochiral aggregates. Subsequent warming of the samples led to rapid intra-aggregate exchange, resulting in four distinct resonances consistent with an ensemble of hexamers. An implicit fit of the aggregate populations to the Boltzmann(More)
Alkylation of beta-amino ester enolates proceeds with high diastereoselectivity. Single crystal, powder, and solution X-ray diffraction studies of the enolate show that the racemic enolate forms prismatic hexamers. 6Li NMR spectroscopic studies on partially racemic enolates reveal complex mixtures of homo- and heterochiral hexamers. An implicit fit of the(More)
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